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North London

North London generally refers to the northern portions of London. The boroughs of North London comprise of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Enfield, Haringey, Islington.

In all our various fields of expertise in the Private Investigation industry, we operate this expertise in North London to a high standard. You would feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders when we come on board with you to help you achieve whatever goal it is you have. North London is a diverse and thriving part of the city and we feel confident that our understanding and knowledge of this area will be of great benefit to you in whatever your need is.

We are also experts in tracing people and in such a populated area like North London this is a very niche area of which we are at the forefront of our profession with our specialist equipment used with dealing with this sort of assignment. We are able to work with very limited information to trace your birth family if you were adopted and we have ways and means to find them for you. If we don’t find what you are looking for there will be no fee. We are specialist private investigators in finding debtors, missing people, family and friends etc nationally or internationally. Please call our North London office for more information. 

Like West London, there are many financial areas of North London and the possibility of fraud is prevalent. Our offices are equipped with the latest surveillance and tracking equipment to enable us to find out all the information that you would need. With so many financial services concentrated in this area there is a fair amount of cases of fraud that occurs here and our offices in North London are experts in helping deal with these situations. Our technical experts in North London are also able to recover deleted data from computers which may prove or disprove a case. This is carried out alongside our financial investigators to ensure all relevant information is achieved.  So if you find yourself or your company in need of financial investigation to resolve issues or disputes, please give us a call. We are happy to help, whatever your situation.

You might find yourself in North London as, like above, you do not want to be found and have decided to opt for giving yourself a new identity. We offer a service for people who, for whatever reason, would like to change their identity. Some people need to do this because they have personal or financial issues. This is a completely legal service for people who are in a difficult situation. Maybe you moved to North London but things didn’t work out with a new business venture and you spiralled into alot of debt. You therefore want to create a new identity and start afresh. We are used to dealing with these sorts of situations in our office based in North London.

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